AVi passionately believes that the design is a key feature for our business

Our design department is leading the business through innovation, turning your ideas into solutions, incorporating both function and form.

3D Design
AVi utilses the latest 3D design software

Advantages of using AVi:
• Dedicated design office with five design engineers.
• Utilising the latest Solidworks 3D design software.
• Sheetworks technology simulates the manufacturing processes prior to cutting.
• Cost effective design achieved by innovation at the front end reducing the number of manufacturing processes.

3 Design Paths:
1.Taking a brief and turning it into reality.
2.Cost effective design through reverse Engineering.
3.Taking Customer drawings and creating
manufacturing drawings.

Case Study: TEK4

AVi and TEK4 began their business
relationship ten years ago. Over that time,
this has developed to the stage where AVi
now fully designs, manufactures and
assembles all machine enclosures for TEK4
across their full range.

The designs are taken from briefs and turned
from concepts into reality whilst increasing
the functionality of the guard. One way this
was achieved was by introducing a wrap
round door system allowing improved
working access area within the machine.

The relationship has enabled TEK4 to
focus on its areas of expertise and
this has led TEK4’s business to grow




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