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AVi Products: Supermover

AVi - Home of the Supermover

The SUPERMOVER uses weight transfer
technology to manoeuvre payloads much
heavier than itself – up to 20 tonnes

Supermover photo 2016

Supermover photo 2

• Powerful
• Compact
• Adaptable
• Easy to use
• Economical
• Problem Solvers

The SupermoverThe Supermover

The Supermover

Full details and prices available from AVi.

Porsche motor group have started their trials of the Major, this is 20 tonnes:

Download MP4 HD Video (7.8Mb) download

One of our blue chip Customers challenged AVi to design a process for its staff to move large units safely within their factory with minimal effort without using a forklift. The results are plain to see:

Download MP4 HD Video (150Mb) download

Supermover in action

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