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AVi Products: Supermover

AVi - Home of the Supermover

AV Innovate are proud to introduce our range of SuperMover products designed specifically to meet the growing demands of small to large businesses across a broad cross-section of industries including: Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale and Logistics.

The SuperMover products are heavy duty, highly versatile, compact and easy to use electric material handling machines able to move wheeled loads from 500 kg up to 20,000 kg.

Supermover photo 2016

supermover photo 2019

Supermovers have a proven track record and have been sold worldwide to companies of all sizes, often where innovative bespoke solutions were required.

 • Easily manoeuvrable, reducing manual handling
• Improve operational efficiency
• Hydraulic lifting system for ease of coupling
• Can move small parts to full production lines
• Compact and versatile battery powered electric tug
• Tailored solutions & trolleys designed and built to solve your issues

Supermover Electric Lift
Supermover Electric Lift

Supermover Mini
Supermover Mini

Supermover Maxi
Supermover Maxi

Supermover Major
Supermover Major

Semi automatic Lift
Semi Automatic Lift


The Supermover Major Classic at Porsche motor group:

Download MP4 HD Video (7.8Mb) download

One of our blue chip Customers challenged AVi to design a process for its staff to move large units safely within their factory with minimal effort without using a forklift. The results are plain to see:

Download MP4 HD Video (150Mb) download
View | Download MP4 HD Video (14.2Mb) download

More Videos To View & Download
Supermover Maxi moving a feed drive system:
View | Download MP4 HD Video (14.4Mb) download

Supermover Major:
View | Download MP4 HD Video (12.2Mb) download

Supermover Maxi Classic moving a card compression machine:
View | Download MP4 HD Video (10.2Mb) download

supermover photo 2019

Supermover Major Hydraulic Lift
Supermover Major Hydraulic Lift

The Supermover 

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